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This is a peacemaking organization.

Founded in 1965, Christmas International House is a Christian ministry designed to offer hospitality to students during the Christmas Holidays.

Through the hospitality of churches and civic groups, we witness to the reality that, behind diverse manners of dress, religious affiliations and political ideologies, everyone stands together as one human family.

It gives students an opportunity to visit in an American home and to become acquainted with different areas of the country. It gives them a chance to express their feelings about the United States and find explanations for cultural differences they have observed. Students and hosts develop friendships and learn how to exchange ideas and develop relationships with people who come from countries with different ideologies.

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If you want to be considered with another student because you want to join the same CIH program, please place the name of the student in "Other Information" section of your application. The other student should place your name in the "Other Information" section of the application as well.

Application fee goes to pay the registrar for administering the CIH programs nationwide. The local hosts DO NOT receive any monies from the application fee.
** Most programs run from: 12/18/2017 to 01/02/2018